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Experience Holistic Car Accident Injury Treatment with Our N. Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, Surfside Beach, and Summerville Chiropractor Team

At the Spine Pain Center, our North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Surfside Beach, and Summerville chiropractor team works tirelessly with patients recovering from auto accident injury of all kinds. Dr. Joseph Carew, Dr. Karen Carew, Dr. Scott Quinn, and Dr. Matt Weintraub encourage you to schedule an appointment if you've ever experienced a car crash—even if it was only minor and you feel "fine."

Man suffering from a car accident injury
Common Types of Auto Accident Injury

Even minor car crashes experienced at speeds of 10 to 15 miles per hour can be enough to elicit damage to the soft tissue structures within your body. We commonly diagnose the following types of auto accident injury at our chiropractic clinics:

  • Whiplash Injury: this common syndrome has a range of symptoms—including headaches, insomnia, mental fogginess, ringing in the ears, jaw pain, jaw clicking, neck pain, neck stiffness, shoulder pain, and arm pain and numbness—that occur after the neck is rapidly jostled forward and backward
  • Shoulder Dislocation: the round "ball" of the shoulder partially or completely dislocates out of the "socket," leading to deformity, clicking, instability, and pain; addition types of seatbelt injury include rotator cuff strains and brachial plexus damage 
  • Back Pain: sudden acceleration and deceleration of a car during an accident can lead to back pain caused by muscle spasms, joint subluxations, ligament sprains, disc herniation or bulge, or even vertebral bone fracture
  • Sciatica: if the sciatic nerve in your low back is compressed by an injured disc or joint, this can lead to sciatica symptoms like buttocks and leg pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness
  • Dashboard Knee: impact of the knee against the dashboard can lead to knee pain, bruising, and swelling

Our Chiropractors Provide Natural Treatment for Whiplash Injury and Other Types of Car Crash Injuries

Most people will notice signs and symptoms of an auto accident injury right away. But if the injury is initially mild or if pain-masking stress hormones remain elevated for too long, an injury could remain undetected for weeks—and meanwhile, the inflammation and tissue damage could probably just be getting worse!

For this reason, we encourage you to visit a chiropractor ASAP following your accident. Our natural services, including chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, and nutritional counseling help restore normal spinal health and alignment while also alleviating your symptoms and preventing long-standing complications. 

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