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Prenatal Chiropractic

Benefits of Visiting Our Prenatal Chiropractor

Many things go into pregnancy and childbirth, including about a million tasks to prepare for everything. Though your to-do list is likely already filled, don’t forget to add “Visit a pregnancy chiropractor” to it. Below, our team at Spine Pain Center will share the benefits you can experience. Contact one of our several locations at your convenience, Irmo, Columbia, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Surfside Beach, Summerville, or North Myrtle Beach, SC, today.


Decreased Back Pain

It’s hard to make it through pregnancy without experiencing some back pain. You’re suddenly carrying more weight, and your body changes to accommodate your little bundle of joy. Though these changes are natural, they can burden your spinal column, causing back pain. Regular prenatal adjustment appointments can help alleviate this pain and help your spine support your developing baby.

Reduction in Nausea and Other Symptoms

Nausea is another common issue in pregnancy and not an enjoyable one. However, pregnant women who regularly visit our chiropractor report reduced nausea and other treated symptoms. It’s even been reported to relieve bladder issues related to pregnancy.

Shorter Labor and Delivery

Our prenatal chiropractor can use several methods to make the labor and delivery process smoother. First, they can use a specialized technique that helps ensure your baby is in the head-first position for birth. Additionally, restoring and maintaining alignment to the pelvic area reduces the time spent in delivery.

Together, these reduce the pain you experience and the likelihood of needing a C-section or having a baby in the breech position. As an extra benefit, the smoother the baby’s journey through the birth canal, the less likely it will sustain an injury.

Quickly Return to Daily Life

When your spine and pelvic area are properly aligned, it reduces the work your body has to go through to heal after your baby is born. It can also reduce the chance of you sustaining a spinal condition or injury while giving birth.

Schedule a Prenatal Adjustment with Us

If you’re expecting a little one, make adjustments a priority. You can schedule an appointment with our Spine Pain Center team at Mt Pleasant (843) 884-8444, North Charleston (843) 606-2412, Summerville (843) 879-9259, Surfside Beach (843) 238-5900, North Myrtle Beach (843) 273-4205, or Irmo, Columbia (803) 781-4092.