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Chiropractic for Pain Management

With many patients increasingly seeking treatment that doesn’t involve surgery or addictive drugs, chiropractic treatment is filling this need as an alternative solution for pain management. Chiropractors use natural remedies by focusing on the neurological and musculoskeletal systems to provide “whole body” relief.


Are you battling pain and haven’t been successful in getting effective treatment? Please book an appointment with Spine Pain Center for pain relief. We serve many regions, including North Charleston, Mt Pleasant, Surfside Beach, Myrtle Beach, Summerville, and Irmo, Columbia, and the nearby areas.

Common Conditions Treated by Chiropractic Care

Most patients often assume that chiropractors only treat back and neck pain. This preconceived notion is misleading because we can treat your legs, shoulders, ankle, and other parts. We also address problems with nerves, joints, and muscles.

Below is not an all-inclusive list of the conditions we manage, but it indicates some of the many conditions chiropractors can handle.

  • Headaches and migraines: This might surprise you, but chiropractors effectively reduce the intensity and frequency of head pain without using medication. We focus on your spine and nerves to treat head pain.
  • Sciatica: If you have pain that runs from the lower back to the legs, it could be sciatica. We treat sciatica pain to provide pain relief and a better quality of life.
  • Sports injuries: If you have suffered shin splints, runner’s knee, torn Achilles’ heel, and other sports injuries, we can provide immediate relief and prevent the injury from recurring.
  • Auto accident injuries: Whiplash is a common auto injury that causes neck pain, stiffness, dizziness, and headaches. Back, shoulder, and leg pain are other common conditions treatable by chiropractic care.
  • Degenerative disc disease: Aging and accidents may cause your spinal discs to wear down, resulting in pain and limited mobility.

Whether you have acute or chronic pain, get in touch with us because we can help relieve most types of pain. Don’t suffer alone while help is just one appointment away.

How We Treat Pain

Chiropractic care doesn’t use a cookie-cutter approach to treat pain. After diagnosing your pain, we personalize treatment depending on the location and extent of the condition. Here are the treatments we use to manage pain:

  • Spinal manipulation: This remedy realigns your spinal joints to alleviate pressure on the compressed spinal nerves. The treatment reduces pain and improves mobility.
  • Spinal decompression: This treatment uses a traction table to create negative pressure in your spinal column to reduce stress on the spinal discs. It’s effective in treating herniated discs, sciatica, and nerve impingements.
  • Cold laser therapy: This remedy uses special light at varying wavelengths to trigger your body’s self-healing mechanism. Once the body tissues absorb the lasers, it promotes blood circulation, lymph flow, and metabolism—all these processes increase healing.

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Battling pain that won’t yield to traditional treatment? It’s time to try chiropractic pain treatment. Give us a call at Mt. Pleasant office (843) 884-8444, North Charleston office (843) 606-2412, Surfside Beach office (843) 238-5900, Summerville office (843) 879-9259, North Myrtle Beach office (843) 273-4205, or Irmo, Columbia office (803) 781-4092.