Lower Back Pain

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Few musculoskeletal symptoms can immobilize you quite so thoroughly as low back pain. When the large structures toward the base of your spine experience injury or chronic ailments, the resulting pain can be astonishingly intense, sometimes even involving the lower extremities as well. If you're looking for a safer, easier solution than surgery, then you're looking for Spine Pain Center. Our chiropractors in Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Surfside Beach, and Summerville can correct the underlying imbalances behind your low back pain.

lower back pain

Recognizing Low Back Pain Symptoms and Causes

Low back pain can vary in type, intensity, and even location. Axial pain, for instance, can be quite sharp and occurs when you move in a certain way. Radicular pain, which travels from an origin point in the low back along major nerve pathways, can also be intense. Pain referred to the low back from another part of the body may feel more like a nagging ache.

Where did your low back pain come from? If you've recently suffered an accident, you may know all too well. A slip and fall onto a hard surface can dislodge your lumbar vertebrae and discs, while an attempt to lift an overly-heavy object may have caused you to strain muscles or tendons. An impact such as a car collision can force your lumbar spine out of its normal alignment.

On the less traumatic side of the scale, millions of Americans live with chronic low back pain. This issue can stem from degenerative disc disease, in which discs flatten and bulge. The bulging discs not only promote spinal arthritis and chronic joint inflammation; they can also herniate and compress major lumbar nerve roots. This causes radicular pain and other symptoms in the leg (sciatica). Poor posture or an untreated alignment problem can cause chronic soft tissue pain.

Diagnosis and Treatment at Spine Pain Center

Spine Pain center can diagnose and treat your case of low back pain using advanced techniques such as nerve conduction velocity testing, electromyography, ultrasound imaging, and digital X-rays. Once we've tracked down the root of your symptoms, we can administer treatment such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to correct a misalignment
  • Spinal decompression to stop sciatica symptoms and treat bulging/herniated discs
  • Physical rehabilitation to help your back recover from an injury or support itself more effectively

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