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Spinal Decompression FAQs

At Spine Pain Center - Mt Pleasant, we offer chiropractic care for residents of Mt Pleasant, North Charleston, Summerville, Surfside Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Irmo, and Columbia, SC. In particular, we provide spinal decompression therapy, which can help alleviate the pain that you may be experiencing in your spine. To learn more about this treatment, keep reading below! 


What is Spinal Decompression? 

Spinal decompression, also known as non-surgical spinal decompression, is a type of traction or stretching therapy. The therapy is an effective alternative to invasive treatments like surgery or medication.

What Can Spinal Decompression Treat? 

Spinal decompression can treat back pain and neck pain caused by bulging or herniated discs and disc degeneration. Patients with ruptured discs or tears, sciatica, and facet syndrome can also benefit from this treatment. The treatment is also helpful for injuries from an auto accident or a sport.

How is Spinal Decompression Performed? 

Spinal decompression is performed using a specialized table. The top portion of the table stays stationary, while the bottom moves to allow the spine to stretch. Our chiropractors will input the movements that are necessary into a computer that controls the table and helps to relieve pressure within the spine. 

How Does the Therapy Work? 

Spinal decompression stretches different regions of the spine. This restores proper alignment of the vertebrae and creates a pocket of negative pressure, or a vacuum. Blood and nutrients rush into the spine to fill the vacuum, which flow into the discs and spinal column to enhance healing and reduce inflammation. 

How Do I Know if Spinal Decompression is Right for Me? 

Our chiropractors begin with a chiropractic exam and identify a diagnosis. We will also speak with you about your lifestyle, the symptoms you are experiencing, and your medical history. Our chiropractors will then decide if you would benefit from spinal decompression. 

How Long Does It Take for Relief? 

Most patients feel some relief after their first treatment. However, it can take several treatments, depending on your condition.

Can Other Treatments be Used with Spinal Decompression? 

Our chiropractors often recommend other treatments along with spinal decompression. These may include chiropractic adjustments, cold laser therapy, and corrective exercises. 

Who Shouldn't Receive Spinal Decompression?

Spinal decompression is safe and effective for most patients. However, it may not be suited for pregnant women, patients with severe osteoporosis, and those with plates or screws in their spine due to having surgery.

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