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Functional Medicine with Your North Charleston and Mount Pleasant Chiropractors

Your North Charleston and Mount Pleasant chiropractors Dr. Joseph Carew, Dr. Karen Carew, Dr. Scott Quinn, and Dr. Matt Weintraub are all practitioners in holistic, functional medicine. Functional medicine is a method of personalized healing that is holistic in that it addresses choices in lifestyle and building up health, not just the links between disease and treatment. We would like to tell you a little more about what functional medicine is and why we think this approach is best for the long-term wellbeing of our patients in every aspect of their lives.

 Functional Medicine systematizes and coordinates the principles of healthy living

Functional Medicine Is Both An Old Idea And A New Idea.

Functional Medicine isn't entirely new. There have always been healers who insisted that their patients lead a moral life to lead a healthy life. But Functional Medicine systematizes and coordinates the principles of healthy living in ways that don't just help patients overcome disease; they help people lead healthy lives.

There are still many doctors who take a less than holistic view of how the body works and focus on disease. That's not an entirely bad thing. We have constantly new and better drugs and constantly improved surgical techniques. The problem is that healthy living is not just about improving your lab numbers so we can say there's a low probability you still have a disease. Healthy living is about holistic wellness. That's where functional medicine comes in.

How do your North Charleston and Mount Pleasant chiropractors operationalize the lofty goals of Functional Medicine?

    • We treat diseases as a disordered function of your body. We strive to bring your body back into alignment so your physiological systems work together. You already know that chiropractors are experts in spinal alignment. We have techniques that help your spine, nerves, bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles work together instead of against each other. But we also take a holistic view of the lifestyle choices and healing technologies that bring you orderly, reliable, and robust health.
    • Functional medicine is about connecting the dots. In other disciplines of healing, overworked doctors tend to treat the numbers rather than their patients. If a number goes up or a number goes down, they pronounce the patient well. We strive to make sense of the whole picture of your health and help you achieve holistic improvements.
    • Functional medicine recognizes that people aren't the data collected about them. We can make sense of your lab data, your genetic data, your personal history data, and a lot more. But we treat you. We don't treat your data.

Your North Charleston and Mount Pleasant chiropractors treat you, not your numbers.

At the Spine-Pain Center, your North Charleston and Mount Pleasant chiropractors have hundreds of drug-free, side-effect-free, non-surgical techniques to bring you back to wellness. Come in for an evaluation of how we can help you. Make your appointment with Spine-Pain Center in North Charleston and Mount Pleasant today. You can call us at 843-606-2412 for our Charleston office, and 843-884-8444 for our Mount Pleasant location for more information.

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