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Physical Rehabilitation at Spine Pain Center

At Spine Pain Center, we provide some of the most advanced techniques for physical rehabilitation of the spine, neck, back, associated joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Our unique procedures help patients to improve their overall condition, which helps the patients to heal faster and stay better longer. We help to empower patients to rehabilitate and stabilize their condition, which allows them to maintain their improvement after they have completed our care. We use maintenance procedures to keep patients well and reduce overall relapses. Our rehabilitation services include:

Flexibility training:

These advanced procedures help patients to improve overall function, movement, and stability of the entire body. This helps patients with a variety of problems such as piriformis syndrome, tight muscles, muscle spasms, hypertonicity, inflexibility, and stiffness of joints and spine.

Physical rehabilitation:

This is the multiple level approach to rehabilitating the spine, neck, back, and associated structures along with treating extremity issues. This type of procedure is very effective in treating many conditions and is done in a systematic fashion that only our clinic does. The conditions that respond with these types of treatments are listed in the infographic.

To get more information about our physical rehabilitation services, contact the Spine Pain Center today. We can help with many different physical problems and help you get relief. Check out our advanced medical care and chiropractic care services as well!  Call either of our Spine Pain Centers in North Charleston, SC office at 843-606-2412,  the Mount Pleasant, SC office at 843-884-8444, the Surfside Beach, SC office at 843-238-5900, or the Summerville, SC office at 843-879-9295 to make an appointment and start your healing journey.

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