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Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine: The Importance of Whole-Person Care

You've probably heard the phrase "holistic medicine" before, but do you know what it means? In a nutshell, holistic care is care that takes every aspect of a person's health and well-being into consideration, not just a single symptom or illness. Here at Spine Pain Center in North Charleston, Mt Pleasant, Surfside Beach, Summerville, North Myrtle Beach, and Irmo, Columbia we practice holistic medicine by addressing the root causes of our patients' health problems instead of just treating their symptoms. This common-sense approach has helped many people manage chronic health issues and improve their well-being.

holistic medicine

What Is Holistic Health Care?

Conventional medicine, and Western medicine in particular, tends to overlook many crucial aspects of a person's health. Everyone has multiple dimensions of health, including:

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Spiritual well-being
  • Nutritional habits
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Environmental influences

All these dimensions of health are interconnected, so if you are suffering in any of them, you're likely to notice ill effects in other areas of your life. Traditional medicine often focuses exclusively on a person's physical well-being and ignores other factors. Holistic medicine, on the other hand, takes all the dimensions of health into consideration to help patients heal from injury or illness and lead healthy lives.

Holistic health care also prioritizes preventing illness before it starts. The goal is to keep all of a person's systems working in harmony so that their body can heal and maintain itself. By contrast, mainstream medicine usually focuses on treating an illness or injury after it has already occurred.

Why Holistic Health Care Matters

Health is a complicated issue, and illness does not exist in a vacuum. Holistic medicine is important because it allows people to actually solve their health issues instead of putting a temporary bandage over the problem. A holistic care provider evaluates all the factors, not just the obvious physical ones that are contributing to a patient's illness or pain. This makes it possible to treat the problem on multiple levels.

Integrating Holistic Medicine into Your Health Care Plan

Some medical doctors practice holistic care. Other holistic care providers include:

  • Chiropractors
  • Doctors of osteopathy
  • Naturopathic doctors
  • Acupuncturists

Before you visit a holistic care provider, do a little research. Make sure the provider is certified and has experience treating any illnesses you're experiencing.

Visit a Chiropractor for Better Overall Health

You can call Spine Pain Center's chiropractors in Mt. Pleasant office at (843) 884-8444, our North Charleston, SC office at (843) 606-2412, our Surfside Beach office at (843) 238-5900, our Summerville office at (843) 879-9259, our North Myrtle Beach office at (843) 273-4205, or our Irmo, Columbia office at (803) 781-4092. If you're interested in experiencing the benefits of holistic health care for yourself, or if you'd like more information about the services we provide at our six South Carolina locations, please give us a call or contact us online. We hope we can serve you soon!