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Cold Laser Therapy

Spine Pain Center Provides Cold Laser Therapy

At Spine Pain Center we provide expert medical care to reduce a variety of painful conditions and improve your health. Located in Mt Pleasant, North Charleston, Surfside Beach, Summerville, North Myrtle Beach, and Irmo, Columbia, we provide natural and non-invasive pain treatment for several conditions, including back and neck pain, headaches and migraines, and injuries caused by auto accidents. We use the most advanced treatment methods available, including cold laser therapy.


What Is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy uses low-intensity lasers to promote healing. It's also sometimes called low-power therapy or soft laser stimulation. Using different wavelengths of light has been found to accelerate healing while reducing pain and swelling. Light from the laser passes through a person’s outer tissues and into the targeted area where cells absorb this light. This process can help repair tissues and even release endorphins, which are natural pain-relievers in the body.

What Are the Common Conditions/Pains Cold Laser Therapy Treats?

This type of therapy is often used to treat pain and injuries. These could include muscle strains, arthritis, and back, knee, or neck pain. It may also relieve muscle spasms and help accelerate wound healing. Whether your pain and injuries are caused by a chronic condition or an accident, cold laser therapy may be able to relieve your pain and improve your health and mobility.

What Are the Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy?

A few of the benefits of cold laser therapy include the following:

  • This is a non-invasive therapy that doesn't require surgery or medication.
  • Cold laser therapy is painless.
  • Current studies show there aren't any side-effects.
  • Cold laser therapy can reduce pain, inflammation, and healing time.

Is Cold Laser Therapy Care any Different from Regular Chiropractic Care?

While cold laser therapy and basic chiropractic care are both treatments a chiropractor can use, there are primary differences. Traditional chiropractic care is normally associated with different types of manual manipulation. Cold laser therapy is one of the many methods now available for a chiropractor that includes advancing technology. This is a relatively new therapy that was cleared by the FDA in 2001.

How Can Spine Pain Center Help?

At Spine Pain Center we have several experienced chiropractors who can offer a wide range of health-related services. We provide chiropractic care, functional medicine, physical rehabilitation, and nutritional care. Our chiropractors use the most advanced technology to diagnose and treat patients. This includes magnetic resonance imaging, digital diagnostics, and nerve conduction velocity testing. If you need a chiropractor to treat ongoing pain or injuries, Give us a call at Mt. Pleasant office (843) 884-8444, North Charleston office (843) 606-2412, Surfside Beach office (843) 238-5900, Summerville office (843) 879-9259, North Myrtle Beach office (843) 273-4205, or Irmo, Columbia office (803) 781-4092.