Sciatica Treatment in N. Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, and Surfside Beach, SC

Welcome to the Spine Pain Center here in N. Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, and Surfside Beach, SC. We offer the latest treatments in all-natural pain relief for sciatic nerve pain. If you or someone who you know has been suffering from sciatica, you want to help them with our services asap. We can identify the source of sciatica and provide pinpointed and individualized treatments. This way you are able to get back up and moving with your normal mobility. See what we have to offer for you today with chiropractic care for low back pain.


What is Sciatica 

As you experience lower back pain, you may be concerned that you have sciatica. The sciatic nerve runs through the hip and down into both legs. If this nerve has been pressed down or pinched, the result is pain and swelling in that affected area. You are also likely to suffer from numbness and muscle pain that you cannot resolve with any home remedy. This is where you are likely to come to visit our North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Surfside Beach chiropractors.

Treatment for Sciatic Nerve Pain

When you have sciatic nerve pain in your lower back, we can help you out with the use of chiropractic care. Our treatments are drug-free and do not involve invasive surgery. We use chiropractic adjustments to adjust any bulging or herniated discs. From there, we are equipped with techniques to provide spinal decompression to further mitigate any inflammation. 

Ongoing Chiropractic Care

With ongoing and continuous sessions, you can reduce the pressure on the sciatic nerve for the long term. This also gives you peace and mind regarding what kind of medical condition is causing you to suffer from low back pain. While you may only have sciatica once, such as during pregnancy or a car accident, you could also suffer from chronic back pain caused by sciatic nerve pressure. This is why it is important to find out what the source of your sciatic nerve pain is from the start. In order to make sure your body alignment is on track, we provide routine chiropractic adjustments, so you are able to maintain spinal health and wellness.

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Our North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Surfside Beach chiropractors are ready to assist you today. To best serve your needs, we have several locations throughout South Carolina. This includes three locations for patients in N. Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Surfside Beach. Contact our N. Charleston office at 843-606-2412, our Mt. Pleasant office at 843-884-8444, or our Surfside Beach office at 843-238-5900 to schedule your chiropractic consultation. You can also book your appointment with our chiropractic doctor online at your convenience.

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