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Do you have to turn your whole upper body to see something positioned off to one side? Does your neck cause you agony every time you move it? Neck pain and stiffness can rob you of much of your quality of life unless you receive the right treatment for its underlying causes. Here at Spine Pain Center, our Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Surfside Beach, and Summerville chiropractors can help you achieve, drug-free, surgery-free relief from that nagging pain in the neck.

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Neck Pain Types and Causes

Neck pain can originate in cervical vertebral joints, the discs that lie between vertebrae, the delicate nerve tissue in close proximity to the cervical spine, or the muscles and connective tissues that support and mobilize the neck. This pain may be either acute or chronic in nature. Acute neck pain is usually related to incidents such as auto accident injuries, sports injuries, and workplace injuries. In an auto accident, for example, your neck may be extended beyond its capacity by the violent forward-and-backward action of your head. This produces whiplash, a syndrome which may include pinched nerves, herniated discs, cervical dislocation, and torn muscles.

Chronic neck pain can be just as debilitating as acute neck pain -- or even more so, since pain connected to a chronic condition doesn't disappear with time like acute pain does. You give yourself chronic neck pain simply by drooping your head forward all the time while using mobile devices (a problem called "text neck.") Other ergonomics problems in your workplace can also encourage poor posture and neck pain. If you constantly twist or crane your neck in a certain way, you may develop an overuse or repetitive-motion injury such as tendinitis. A misaligned head/neck can cause chronic muscle strain.

Chiropractic Treatment and Preventative Care

Trust Spine Pain Center to give your ailing neck what it needs through safe, conservative care. We can perform chiropractic adjustments to correct your neck alignment, easing muscular and neurological issues, along with techniques such as Graston Technique to free up stiff, painful tissues. We also provide spinal decompression therapy to address bulging or herniated cervical discs. If you need to strengthen or loosen your neck tissues, we can prescribe physical rehabilitation exercises. we can even give you neck pain prevention tips, from choosing the right sleep position and pillow to modifying your mobile device usage and office environment.

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