Back Pain

Our Chiropractor Provides Back Pain Treatment

Find relief from lower back pain with back pain treatment by the chiropractors at Spine Pain Center. We provide all-natural back pain treatment. Lower back pain presents itself in many forms. Some types of back pain bother you with a constant low-grade ache. Other types cause intense, shooting pain. You may already know the cause, or maybe you cannot recall the reason for the pain.


Our chiropractors will determine the underlying issue and develop a customized treatment plan to alleviate your problem. Back surgery is an infrequent and worst-case scenario solution. Explore the natural treatment options offered by Spine Pain Clinic in Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, and Surfside Beach.

Symptoms And Causes Of Back Pain

Symptoms of back pain include sharp pain that occurs with back movement, constant dull aching, numbness, and pain that spreads to limbs. Do not change your quality of life by succumbing to back pain.

Several events or conditions cause back pain, such as

  • car accidents
  • slip and fall accidents
  • lifting heavy objects or repeated lifting
  • poor posture or another misalignment
  • collision while playing a contact sport

The above situations can lead to many back problems, including

  • strain to muscles or tendons
  • chronic soft tissue pain
  • dislodged lumbar vertebrae
  • spine misalignment

Sciatica and degenerative disc disease are two additional conditions that trigger back pain. Degenerative disc disease causes discs to flatten and bulge, leading to arthritis and chronic inflammation. Degenerative disc disease may also cause radicular pain due to compressed lumbar nerve roots or herniated discs.

Types of Back Pain Treatment Administered by a Chiropractor

Our Charleston city chiropractic team diagnoses back pain using the latest technologies, including digital X-rays, ultrasound imagine, nerve conduction velocity testing, and electromyography. Our chiropractor diagnoses your source of pain and develops a customized plan for back pain treatment. Your treatment plan will most likely have one or more of the following:

  • chiropractic adjustments - corrects misalignments
  • spinal decompression - treats herniated discs or lessens sciatic symptoms
  • physical rehabilitation - helps back recover from injury and improves support 

There are exercises and stretches we can teach you to strengthen your back muscles. You can perform them at home to enhance your chiropractic care.

Find Back Pain Relief By Scheduling An Appointment!

If you live with back pain and reside or work near the city of Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, or Surfside Beach, schedule a consultation with a chiropractor at Spine Pain Center. We have locations north and east of the city. When you need a professional chiropractor, Spine Pain Center is here to help. Make an initial appointment at one of our three offices, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, or Surfside Beach. Prepare for your visit by completing our online patient intake forms. Improve your quality of life. Let us treat your back pain. 

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