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Whiplash FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About A Well-Known Auto Accident Injury

At Spine Pain Center, we have helped many patients in the North Charleston and Mt. Pleasant areas recover from an auto accident injury known as whiplash. This type of injury is not always apparent due to how long it takes to show any symptoms. Below are a few frequently asked questions about whiplash to help you understand why it is necessary to seek out treatment.

Is Whiplash Caused By Auto Accidents?

Whiplash occurs when the body, specifically the neck, is violently thrown back and forth. This sudden motion can damage the soft tissues in the neck. While whiplash is widely associated with an auto accident, it can also be caused by physical trauma.

How Long Does It Take to Notice Whiplash?

Whiplash tend to be difficult to notice right after an accident. People involved with a car accident are typically distracted by other concerns, filled with adrenalin, and may be worried about more obvious injuries like fractures or bruises. Whiplash takes time for swelling and pain to develop, typically weeks or months after the incident.

How Long Does Whiplash Take to Heal?

Treatments for whiplash vary because it depends where you have been injured, the severity of your auto accident injury, your overall health, and how long you have had it. But, one holistic method that can effectively help with your injury and pain is chiropractic care.

Can a Chiropractor Help?

Yes! Chiropractors are trained to treat a wide array of auto accident injuries and other health complications. Our doctors at Spine Pain Center can help you regain control of your life by restoring your range of motion and reducing pain with neck adjustments, corrective exercises, and lifestyle advice.

We Can Relieve Your Whiplash Symptoms

If you've recently have been in an accident and have neck pain, get a health evaluation at Spine Pain Center. We offer many services that can ease your whiplash symptoms as well as prevent your auto injury from returning. Call 843-606-2412 for our North Charleston practice or 843-884-8444 for our Mt. Pleasant clinic to make an appointment.

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