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How Physical Rehabilitation Benefits Neck and Back Problems

Physical rehabilitation is important in many body structures, but it is especially important when it comes to the neck, back, spine, and associated muscles and tendons. There are many reasons to seek physical therapy service. It can help with unspecified chronic pain, allow you to recover from an injury such as whiplash, and can help you recover from surgery. If you have chronic pain in your neck or back, have recently been injured, or have had surgery, physical therapy can help.

Physical rehabilitation has the ability to help you feel better faster and stay healthy. Our team at the Spine Pain Center uses advanced techniques to help make your rehabilitation sessions more productive and beneficial. Our methods can help to ease your pain and keep you feeling better for longer.

If you have been suffering from chronic pain, have been in a recent accident, or have had surgery on your neck and back, physical rehabilitation could be the perfect thing for you. Contact the Spine Pain Center to learn if you can benefit from our physical rehab services. Let’s take a closer look at physical rehabilitation and how it could help you with your neck and back pain and problems.

Activity Soothes Pain

An article from Spine-health mentions that a lack of activity can actually make your pain worse. This is because a lack of exercise can lead to stiffness, weakness, and deconditioning. Staying active and doing workouts can help to keep your ligaments, joints, muscles, and discs healthy and strong.

Physical activity allows nutrients to be diffused into the injured disc space, which improves its health. So, it only makes sense that inactivity will deprive this area of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Exercise can also help to reduce the swelling which may be causing nerves to become irritated.

Rehabilitation Can Stimulate Healing

Exercise is the only way we can tell our body to heal itself. A controlled, progressive, and gradual exercise program can stimulate healing, unlike other therapies, such as medication and injections. While these methods can help with pain relief, they do not aid in the healing process. When we do active exercise, our nervous system is telling our muscles what to do.

Strengthen and Stretch

During a physical therapy session, you will strengthen and stretch the muscles that support your neck. You will also work on your range of motion, allowing you to get back to a normal range without feeling pain. Your posture will likely be improved, flexibility will be increased, and you will learn different exercise to help with the pain on your own time or when another injury occurs.

Physical rehabilitation is an important part of feeling better and getting back to your healthy and lively self. If you have been experiencing chronic back pain, have recently been involved in an accident that left you injured, or have had surgery, physical rehabilitation may be the next step in helping you heal and experience relief. At the Spine Pain Center, we have three locations, making it easier for you to find a close and quality physical rehabilitation center. Our locations are in Columbia, Mount Pleasant, and North Charleston. Contact us today to start your journey to less pain and begin healing.

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