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Functional Medicine

Living with chronic health conditions such as IBS, allergies, asthma, or adrenal issues can make each day a challenge. Dealing with pain and fatigue can leave you frustrated, especially if you're tired of merely addressing the outward symptoms of your chronic condition without delving into its root cause. At Spine Pain Center in Surfside Beach, we understand your struggle, and we're here to assist. We take pride in our holistic approach to healthcare, offering functional medical care aimed at resolving chronic conditions through lifestyle changes.


Functional Medicine: The Basics

Functional medicine practitioners don't focus solely on treating the symptoms of chronic conditions. Instead, they work diligently to uncover the root causes of health issues while recommending lifestyle changes that can facilitate healing.

Individuals living with chronic health conditions often find it challenging to make lifestyle adjustments due to the constant fatigue caused by ongoing health issues. When you collaborate with a holistic doctor, you'll receive practical lifestyle changes that can significantly impact your health. By starting with small changes, you can gradually work your way up to more significant adjustments, thereby improving your day-to-day well-being.

Your First Functional Medicine Appointment: What to Expect

If you've never visited a holistic doctor before, you may be uncertain about what to anticipate. During your initial office visit, we'll ask you to complete some forms to provide us with additional information about your health history. Your holistic doctor will then meet with you to discuss your health concerns, asking pertinent questions to uncover the root causes. They may also run tests to gain insights into your body's functioning.

Following this evaluation, your holistic doctor will engage in a conversation with you regarding the lifestyle changes that may be necessary to address your chronic condition. For many individuals, healing from chronic conditions involves alterations to their nutrition, exercise regimen, and stress management techniques.

Contact Spine Pain Center in Surfside Beach, SC

Are you looking for a chiropractor near me? At Spine Pain Center, we're committed to offering you the holistic healthcare needed to achieve your optimal health and happiness. We're eager to get to know you and guide you in overcoming chronic conditions at their core. Reach out to us today to schedule your initial appointment with our holistic doctor or to arrange an appointment with our chiropractor. Call us at (843) 238-5900.