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Chiropractic For Pain Management

Chiropractic For Pain Management

Many people associate chiropractic care with pain management through adjustments to the spine or skeletal joints. It is true that spinal adjustments to correct misaligned discs or vertebrae, or joint difficulties remain one of the most effective tools available to your chiropractor. However, a wide range of other treatments have developed over the years, and chiropractic medicine is now a leader in integrative healthcare, encompassing a wide range of health professionals, all working together to bring you and all of our patients the very best in alternative medicine. Our team at Spine Pain Center in Summerville provides natural and effective chiropractic care for pain management.

Chiropractic Pain Management

Treatment Options

In addition to spinal adjustments, we can provide our patients with a full range of pain management options, including massage therapy, strengthening and conditioning exercises, heat therapy, cold therapy, as well as simpler choices like movement and posture training, to help ensure the body is correctly aligned at all times.

Chiropractic techniques have been scientifically tested over a long period of time and are natural, safe, and reliable. We do not depend on surgery or painkilling drugs as the first line of treatment for pain. Surgery is painful, expensive, and sometimes dangerous. Painkillers don't actually treat the root of the patient's problem and can become addictive.

Chiropractic pain management methods are at least as effective as surgery or painkillers in relieving back, arm, and leg pain, as well as sciatica. Many patients experience relief after only a few visits, and some find relief from their pain after the first visit.

Functional Medicine

At Spine Pain Center, we believe we are local leaders in functional medicine. Functional medicine is a natural approach to healthcare, looking at the whole patient, including life choices and lifestyle. The foundation of functional medicine is nutrition. Our bodies rely upon a very complex set of chemical reactions to carry out essential biological tasks and demand certain nutrients from the foods we eat.

A lack of basic nutrients can cause a host of health problems. Similarly, eating unhealthy foods, the wrong kinds of food, or excessive foods can lead to a host of issues, including diabetes and other inflammatory diseases. By treating the underlying causes, rather than symptoms, we help our patients lead healthier lives through holistic medicine.

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If you live in or near Summerville and are looking for considerate, compassionate alternative medical options to manage chronic pain or if you simply wish to learn more about how chiropractic medicine can help you lead a more balanced, natural, healthier life, contact Spine Pain Center of Summerville today. We are proud residents of the Dorchester County region and are always happy to showcase our facilities and explain our services to our neighbors. Call today for an appointment.

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