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Hormone Imbalance and Skin Issues

The Connection Between Hormone Imbalances and Skin Issues

Many people do not realize how crucial hormones are to overall health. You may have symptoms in several areas of your body and never make the connection that the root cause is due to hormone imbalances. Spine Pain Center in Summerville, SC, understands the connection between hormones and skin issues and offers hormone therapy services to correct imbalances. Learn more about the connection between hormone imbalances and common skin issues that you may be experiencing.



Estrogen is a hormone most commonly related to women since it is the dominant hormone in females. Estrogen is a sex hormone that is integral in maintaining sexual and reproductive health. Specifically, estrogen regulates the development of sexual organs in puberty, the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and fertility, the female libido, and menopause. A prenatal chiropractor or pregnancy chiropractor can help minimize the symptoms of hormone imbalances during pregnancy.

A lesser-known fact about estrogen is that the hormone is also crucial for collagen production, skin moisture levels, and blood sugar levels. Too little estrogen contributes to sagging skin, excess dryness, and wrinkles. Your chiropractor can offer therapeutic stretches and exercises to help regulate estrogen levels. They can also perform a spinal adjustment to correct misalignments contributing to your estrogen imbalance.


Testosterone is the male sex hormone and counterpart to estrogen. Hormone imbalances in men typically result in an overproduction of testosterone, particularly in young adult males still undergoing puberty. Imbalances in testosterone can lead to increased acne since the overproduction of testosterone stimulates sebum production, causing oil to get secreted by your glands. This excess oil can clog pores and create an ideal environment for acne-causing bacteria to thrive.

A person can treat acne topically, but a better approach is to address the underlying hormone imbalance. Your chiropractor near you can help regulate your testosterone levels and reduce your amount of acne. They can provide nutritional and lifestyle guidance to decrease testosterone levels and improve skin health.


Many people call cortisol the stress hormone since it floods the body during times of stress. Chronic stress that does not get relief can lead to consistent, heightened cortisol levels. These heightened cortisol levels can cause the skin to create more sebum, leading to acne outbreaks. Additionally, too much cortisol can disrupt the balance of other hormones. A person with excess cortisol can experience skin disorders, including rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema. Chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy can relieve muscle tightness and nerve pressure to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Visit Your Chiropractor Near You in Summerville, SC, for Hormone Therapy Today

Chiropractic hormone therapy can help correct hormone imbalances and significantly improve your skin health, so contact Spine Pain Center in Summerville, SC, to experience the long-lasting benefits of hormone therapy and functional medicine. Call us and schedule an appointment today at (843) 879-9259 to look and feel your best again.