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At Spine Pain Center, we’re here to help residents of Summerville, SC, with all their chiropractic needs and we offer different types of chiropractic care to help them live their most comfortable life. Here are some of the services we provide to aid in recovery and help reduce pain and discomfort. A chiropractor near you is here to help.

Services We Provide

Take a look at some of the services we provide our patients:

Sports Injury Treatment

If you play sports or have physical hobbies, injuries can be a concern. Sports injuries can have many causes, including overtraining, accidents, and a lack of warm-ups. These can lead to injury to your joint pain, muscle pain, or a reduction in mobility.

No which of these cause your symptoms, we can assist. Once we determine the nature of your injury, we can then create a treatment plan personalized to aid in your recovery. Treatment can help reduce pain, restore mobility, improve strength, and help prevent future injuries through improved performance.  

Physical Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation seeks to help you in your recovery process when recovering from injuries. Physical rehabilitation may help improve your range of motion, posture, strength, and flexibility. It is a multifaceted process that may include exercise programs, soft tissue mobilization, and chiropractic joint manipulation. These combined treatments may help reduce pain and improve your overall physical well-being.

Functional Medicine

When treating issues of pain or injury, it can be useful to look at treatment as a holistic process. Functional medicine combines treatment methods with other aspects of your life such as lifestyle habits, diet, and continuing care. Our functional medicine approach looks at you as a whole person beyond simply treating your symptoms. We strive to paint a full picture of your health and assist you in having better health for the long term.    

Spinal Decompression

If you have back pain, spinal decompression can help. Decompression seeks to stretch your spine and loosens the vertebrae, which may help reduces pressure on your nervous system and the discs in your back. This is can be useful for reducing pain, improving range of motion, and making physical activities and hobbies less physically stressful.

Get Sports Injury Treatment, Physical Rehabilitation, Functional Medicine, and Spinal Decompression

When you need a chiropractor near you, reach out to us today. At Spine Pain Center, we strive to improve the overall health of all our clients from Summerville, SC, and assist with their chiropractic needs.

You might not have to live with pain when we can help you with chiropractic techniques designed to help you feel better. Call us at (843) 879-9259 for more information.