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North Charleston Doctors

  • Chris-Benoit
    Dr. Christopher Benoit

    Dr. Benoit has 22 years of experience as a chiropractor and uses a variety of adjusting techniques to help his patients feel better. In addition to spinal care, Dr. Benoit works with extremities, soft tissue/muscle issues, and uses various physiotherapies, including Erchonia cold laser, to help speed up the healing process. His philosophy is to find the cause of the problem and work to fix it.

    Dr. Benoit graduated from The Citadel with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in 1982 and served in the United States Army for 24 years. He earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Human Anatomy from Parker College of Chiropractic while earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the same time and graduated in 1999. He has advanced training in treating and managing automobile injuries and extremity injuries.

    Favorite quote:
    “Look well to the spine for the cause of disease”.
    Hippocrates, father of modern medicine

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  • Dr. Scott Quinn
    Dr. Scott Quinn

    Possess a professional experience over 15 years in the chiropractic field, with expertise in treating various types of ailments using chiropractic procedures along with incorporating medical and rehabilitation. Possess excellent patient management skills with good communication all with a polite behavior.

    Summary of Skills and Expertise:

    • Possess professional experience of 15 years
    • Proficiency in determining the cause of ailment by examining the case history
    • Proficiency in conducting physical examinations and examining x-ray reports
    • Expertise in adjusting joints and spine and ability to correct joint dysfunction
    • Expertise in educating and advising patients on general health and healthy lifestyle matters
    • Excellent communication and behavioral skills

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    As a competitive athlete, Dr. McPhail has always had a passion for alternative natural medicine, but it wasn’t until a low back injury landed him in an orthopedic surgeon’s office. Once evaluated, his findings were L4 and L5 disc herniations. After receiving recommendations for surgery, Dr. McPhail sought care from a local Chiropractor. Within a week he was out of pain and able to stand upright. This experience profoundly impacted him, so he dedicated his life to the Science and Profession of Chiropractic.

    Dr. McPhail received his Bachelor's Degree from Valdosta State University, Valdosta Ga., and His Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker University, Dallas Tx. After graduating in 2005 Dr. McPhail has not stopped learning new ways to get his patients better faster. Dr. McPhail is a published author, researcher, consultant, and professional speaker. With thousands of hours of postgraduate studies primarily in Neurology, and Chronic Degenerative Conditions, Dr. McPhail strives to offer the highest quality of care that provides phenomenal and life-changing results for his patients.

    Favorite Quote:
    “Dr. McPhail, if you ever come to me boasting about your golf score, you’re not working hard enough.”
    -Dr. Peter Fernandez

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