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Foot Pain

Foot pain can hinder athletes from participating in their daily training routines. Attempting to exercise will put too much stress on the foot's ligaments. Functional medicine options like chiropractic care can reduce inflammation and pain. At The Spine Pain Center in Surfside Beach, we are committed to educating the masses on the advantages of using chiropractic care to treat foot pain.


Types of Foot Pain

The human foot consists of at least 30 bones, and each can cause immediate pain if they become misaligned. The best solution for relieving the pain is to seek assistance from a chiropractor to develop a sports injury treatment plan. They will assess your foot to determine the source of the pain. Their findings will help to create a personalized chiropractic care treatment program.

Some of the most common types of foot pain include:

•           Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the thick band of tissue that runs from your foot's heel to the toes. The pain ranges from dull to sharp.

•           Achilles tendonitis occurs when the foot's heel bone becomes swollen and too painful to keep you upright. Repetitive movement (walking, running, or climbing) causes heel inflammation that strains your Achilles tendon.

•           Heel spurs develop when your arch is too weak and the bones in the foot become misaligned. Often, calcium deposits form on the heel.

•           Arch pain is tightness developing on the sole of your foot. Shooting pain begins in the arch or at the front of the heel, as it will feel like a tingling sensation.

•           Foot neuropathy occurs when a sufferer feels numbness and tingling in their feet. Over time, they will become sensitive to all touching.

Chiropractic Body Adjustments Lessens Foot Pain

Chiropractic body adjustments can be beneficial in improving the health of your foot. Hand manipulation will restore mobility and reduce tension in the foot's soft tissues. Realigning your foot bones will promote faster healing and alleviate pressure on your feet and arches.

Another popular sports injury treatment option is Active Release Techniques (ART). It is massage therapy that lengthens your foot muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The technique promotes healing by reducing muscle tension by relaxing the ligaments. Also, a chiropractor near you may recommend you begin a light exercise program that strengthens your foot muscles.

Contact Spine Pain Center in Surfside Beach, SC

Foot pain can linger if not treated correctly. Our staff at Spine Pain Center in Surfside Beach can create a sports injury treatment program suited for your foot and leg pain. Call us at (843) 238-5900 and schedule an appointment today.